Relocating from the country to the city and becoming a first time mum brought many big changes in our family’s life.  Through these times of change and venturing into unchartered territory, my underlying value has remained my passion – always making people happy to give them that warm fuzzy feeling inside.


Yes being a mum is a fulltime job in itself.  Add in there many late nights in front of the computer working in our family business, the only time I had left to think about others was late at night.


This is where After Hours was born - the gift of light for a loved one to help get them through those tougher times, both day and night. 


While we can physically only be in one place at one time, through our range of 100% hand crafted soy candles, our good vide tribe can continually give people that warn fuzzy feeling.  


Good vibes when they need them most.

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