When we need it most

May 1, 2016



Have you ever had that feeling where there wasn't much you could do for someone?  Feel hopeless in a time of need when all you want to do is help in any way possible.


Well I have and let me share my story.


When a family member receives some sad news that ultimately can change their life direction, what do you say?  What emotion do you show?  Is there anything you can do to help……


Initially being able to offer accommodation and transport was about the most we could do.  With a one year old with me like a shadow, I wasn't really what you would call peaceful or productive company.  


So it got me thinking - what can I do?

  • Send flowers weekly?

  • A card?

  • Home made lasagne?

  • Chocolates?


These gifts just didn't fit what I wanted to share.


After thinking long and hard, pondering on one of the many late nights with a young family; what could I produce with deeper meaning and provide long lasting effect?

All these nights it had been staring me in the face. 


A good vibe candle.


A candle doesn’t take up much space, will last as long as it is needed, will warm the soul and give that feel of presence every time it is alight.


I was always captivated by the flame and personalized scent taking me to a place, on a journey, reminding me of good times, good spirits, good memories, good vibes.  This is the feeling, the experience that I want to bottle and needed to create so it can be shared.


I was not able to visit every day, nor did we need to talk.  But when a good spirit was needed, the candles flame and good vibe scent was present for me to provide the support I could only wish.


During the times of uncertainty, times of joy, times of despair, memories are forged and the good vibe candle provided the triggers of sight and smell so the experience is joyful and forever lasting.



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