Someone Special

May 16, 2016


For some people finding their soul mate can take a whole life time, and others it can be within years of being born. Everyones love story is different and unique much like this one.


You may think you have found "The ONE" blinded by young romance and sometimes the emotion that person shows towards you. Then one day the walls start falling down around you and this once fun romance, has ended for you to be feeling alone, empty and a disbeliever of LOVE.

I would like to think that i am one of the lucky ones, finding my soul mate at a very young age. Being a strong believer of LOVE, i never knew what to say to friends that were still searching for that "Special Someone". Some close to me had the mind set of not rushing as everything will happen in its own time. Others forcing the issue that time is getting precious and finding more of the WRONG ONES.

But sadly i had one who had given up and closed the door on love all together. I felt helpless really, who was i to help the situation, madly in love preparing to marry my soul mate. 

But without even saying anything and not even knowing i was helping, i was.

The day after our wedding i opened one of many beautiful wedding cards. But this one held something very special inside.

A letter, from my dear friend who once had turned her back on love. For obvious reasons im not going to share what it said, but the main point of the letter was to outline that the love that she saw between my husband and i during our wedding showed her that LOVE was real and that it did exist. That we had restored her faith that one day she too could find that "Special Someone".


This letter holds a very special place in my heart as not only does it make me feel good about my relationship, i almost feel a tiny tiny bit responsible for the recent engagement of two little love birds. Without a doubt soul mates for sure. Maybe this was inevitable but it sure does make me smile a whole lot much the same.


So to everyone that has found their "Someone Special" enjoy it as there are still many waiting for their chance.


Be patience and always yourself as you never know where that person will find you....



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