Don't judge a book by its cover

May 23, 2016


This phrase once used for what it reads, now asks the question for many different reasons. Today i want to use this "Don't judge a book by its cover" for peoples physical and emotional appearance. 


Lots of people are quick to judge peoples appearance either for being over weight, or too skinny, good looking or what some people call it ugly. It always seems to be the extremes. The same for peoples emotions, being to positive or negative, happy or sad straight away the fingers are pointed. 


From the outside someone can look healthy right... Let me paint a mental picture for you. 


Male - 29 - 6 foot 4 - 94kg - works out either at the gym or running 6 days a week. Has very low skin folds (yes has a six pack). Diet: Maybe take away once a month - no starchy carbs - eats mountains of greens - maybe a little sugar on the weekend. All these stats are heading for a healthy fit adult right?????


WRONG: When he couldn't work out why he was feeling sluggish and tired all the time, the first point of call was to rest the body and get more sleep. After trying this the outcome was the same.


So off to the doctor for a blood test to check what is going on. His personal thoughts was low Iron which has been a previous problem.


When the results came back the doctor actually thought they had mixed up the tests.

The blood test looked like the following


Male - 60 - over weight - high cholesterol - high sugar.


Surprised by the results it was a wakeup call.  Even thought this individual did take his diet and health seriously we always first look at our outside. What does my body look like, then we think about what we put into it. Luckily this was a case of to many egg yolks and natural sugars. With 4 months to adjust the diet the second set of blood tests showed the results to match the metal picture i painted you all. 


This is just one story of a fit looking external appearance with the unhealthy internal being, slowly tricked into thinking everything is great. 


This same phrase goes for our emotional health also. We all know that people that are dealing with emotions (for many different reasons) can put up a number of walls around themselves to make everything look rosy from the outside. This is sometimes hard to know if that person is actually happy or hiding something they don't know how to deal with.

Lots of people wanting or needing support often go unhelped  as if they don't ask for it many people around them can't see the problem from the outside.



So today the message which i want to give everyone is JUST BECAUSE someone looks ok from the outside isn't always true. So for all the people who are close to you, the people that you love make sure you talk to them and make sure they look after themselves physically and Mentally INSIDE AND OUT.







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