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June 1, 2016







If you saw an add in the paper today for someone seeking a "Pen Pal" would you think oh yes I would love to write to them or OMG this looks Dodgy???


Well Back in the 1960's this wasn't the case, schools from other countries would put ads in the paper looking for Australian students to write to them so they could further their English.

Today I have a lovely story a FRIENDSHIP which all started with one of these ads in the paper.


Two young primary school girls, one from Sweden and one from a small farming town in Western Australia. Like most things when they are new we tend to play or use them a lot at first, but then the novelty wore off. Well this did happen to most of the other pen pals that started at the same time. But there was something special about this new friendship that had been made.


Aero-grams went back and forth between the two countries, the girls telling each other what their house looked like, and many other exciting pieces of information about their everyday lives.















Birthday cards,photos, picture and even some autumn leaves were sent, the time in-between letters did start to stretch, sometimes as long as 18 months. But the longer the time the stronger the friendship was growing. 


These two girls had gone from school girls to young adults. Both getting married and having children. All of these things which they had to then share with each other thru their letters.


But i guess there are so many letter, questions, photos and autumn leaves you can send someone well almost a stranger before you start thinking.... You have written to them for years but yet never met. I'm sure these two would have kept writing no matter what.


It was December 2003 and the time had come for Sweden to make the big trip to Western Australia. From minus temperatures to the extreme Australian summer it didn't matter because they were finally together at last. It was like they had met before having that instant bond as if they had been friends forever. Well they had but only not in person. This physical connection just took their friendship to another level, it was officially real. 


Lots of great conversations,stories,laughing,food,drinks and good times were had while here is Australia, future travel plans for the return visit also a hot topic. Even new friendships were made, younger family members from both sides met and became friends and so the the generation of writing began.


FRIENDSHIPS can start in many ways, can last for different lengths of time, but what doesn't change is the bond between two people. Distance can separate and time can pass, but when words are spoken or smiles are exchanged its as if you have lived in each others pockets forever.


If you have one of these friends that you haven't spoken too for a while maybe it's time to do things the old fashion way, and keep our postmen employed. Sit down find a quiet spot and put pen to paper. After all everyone loves getting mail that isn't a BILL.




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