Be your proud self

July 4, 2016


I find it sad when people feel they have to dress a certain way, eat specific food, in some bad cases an individual can feel they need to drink alcohol or take drugs just to fit in. Being all these things which isn't really a true personal trait for them. Why do people judge us on all those things just mentioned????


I had times where i felt i needed to do things to "fit in" but over time i found that the people i was trying to fit in with weren't really the people i wanted to hang around anymore. I wanted someone that liked me for me, even if i do wear joggers with jeans sometimes. It shouldn't matter.



Next time before you make a judgement on someone, either their appearance, health, wealth or anything else you can think of. Stop because you never know what demons people maybe fighting.


Everyone has their own problems,stories and challenges, some of the nicest genuine people you will ever meet could have been someone you have judged on something other than their personality. 


But i guess those that do, always will no matter what. You could be naked or GOD and still this wouldn't stop them.


So every time you step out of the house just be yourself and let you heart shine out. 




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