Family Tree or Forest

July 7, 2016


I often hear people who say we shouldn't let our young children watch to much TV and use the computer/ipad. I let my daughter watch tv and use the ipad for maybe maximum 45mins total a day. I also agree that extensive use isn't good for their social skills, but like everything else in moderation i find it very educational. So for the past 3 months since i have been watching these children's programs, it has re jogged my memory from when i was a girl and why i loved certain shows. These are the old faithfuls that have stood the test of time. For all the adults that don't have to have these shows on, i will let you know that its playschools 50th birthday this years and are having celebrity appearances at the moment.


Which brings me to the "Family Tree or Forest"

Today a book was read about a little girls family.

She was introducing her family, there was an illustration and description on the left page of the common stereotype. Then her correction on the right. So for the step mum, there was a picture of a witch, then she said"No, this is Babs my Dads partner". And it had one for all her extended family, half brother and step Dad.


At the end it said "Some kids have a family tree, but i have a family Forest, and it works for us.


This is so true there are so many different family situations, some who have their birth parents and grand parents. Others just one or none. 

Broken families that don't talk, and broken families that can still all be together at Christmas.


To me whatever tree your in i think what matters most is that you have family that love you, and you love them back. 






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