Spreading happiness can save lives

August 15, 2016


I was listening to Tony Robins who was a guest on Tim Ferriss' Podcast yesterday. This man is so addictive to listen to. So stripped back and raw, he talks about the simple processes on how we find the keys to life fulfilment.


The best part about what he was speaking about applies to all of us, Tony is a very wealthy famous man who has worked with many household names as a Life Coach. Everything he spoke however, was totally applicable to anyone, no matter what their situation.


He suggests that you need to ask yourselves the right questions - what it is that is stopping you from being happy? The power of happiness could be life changing for the world as we know it.


With all the war, terror and violence in this world, it’s very hard to see a solution. Something uniform could help each case in every country across the globe.


I know that these issues won't be fixed over night, but they definitely can over time if we all believe that we can do something to help.


Waking up every day happy or helping others to find happiness can save lives.


Humans who are violent, that shoot innocent people and commit acts of terror - They are not HAPPY people. A happy person would never want to harm another. 


Everyone has the choice to try and find happiness, it can be found in the darkest of times in the darkest of places.


If we can help each other every day to find our happiness. I believe that we can make a difference. 

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