The smiles that made my day

August 28, 2016


Whilst hosting our Market Stall on the weekend, there were lots of positives to take away from the day.I was happy with the rain staying away, there was no wind, we had a good location and there were lots of great people out and about. So what am I writing about then you ask?


To be honest, I like doing markets regardless of the conditions, there is just something invigorating about being outside with people that create that community vibe and there is never a shortage of interesting people to talk to.


On Saturday however,I had two very special customers which I don't think I will ever forget.


The first one was a father with his two daughters, aged around 2 and 3. They were very shy girls. The father came up and asked if they could all smell the candles. So the three of them smelt our range and after a few whispers, they asked if they could purchase a large SOMEONE SPECIAL. The girls faces grew huge smiles, the father handed over the money and said "I will be back." 


Sure enough within 10 minutes they had returned and once again whispered about which candle to get. This time it was a small FRIENDSHIP candle. I didn't ask any questions about who they were for, but all I could see was one proud Dad and two very happy daughters.  


I didn't think my day could get any better, I already had a massive smile on my face, but somehow it did.


An elderly man on his gofer drove up and hopped off in front of the stall. Already serving a few other ladies, I acknowledged him and he continued to smell the samples. When I asked him ifI could help, he kept his head down and muffled “  will have one of these." I replied what scent would you like? Any he said, so he pointed to the one closest one to him. I then asked what colour and size he would like? He replied 'Any doesn't matter….’ I knew what the last answer would be. What sticker would you like Sir? None I'm Fine.


As he lifted his head for the first time, I made eye contact, smiled at him and asked 'who is it for?’  ‘Just for me’ he replied. Well how about I put a SOMEONE SPECIAL on it as I think your pretty special.


His cheeks went a little pink and he said "oh i don't think so". He handed me his wallet and told me that his money was in the back. He added that he had had a stroke and couldn’t do it himself.


I got the money out, gave the man his candle and helped him back on the gofer. He drove off smiling, and as for me - Well I'm still smiling.


It is stories like these that make me wake up everyday, wanting to do what I love.

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