New aged Ladies v The Past

February 27, 2019

It has been a while since i have written a blog post on here, i have been busy living a busy life and adding two more beautiful girls to our now family of five. So i guess i now have more material to want to put up and share.


I actually am more wanting to ask you all for your input this time round rather than me sharing my view. As we all know everyone's circumstances, goals, financials, location and outlook on life are very different and may vary.


What i am very interested in is how mothers are feeling:


So check out the below and please please leave your comments



1. What i am doing really well/not so well at in day to day life?


2. What is the last thing you think of before going to bed, and first when you wake in the morning?


3. Are you a Stay at Home Mum, do you work, or are you doing work from home?


4. Are you happy with whatever situation you are in from the above question? if not what would you change.


5. Looking back 5 years is your life now how you thought it would look? is it better or worse?


6. Do you have me time? What do you do?


7. Any other thoughts on Being a Mum (new mum, mum to toddlers, teenagers, kids have moved out of home)


The reason for the interest is, it has been in my face lately from all platforms about how we should do things a certain way. Now i am a true believer of the old saying " Apples cannot be oranges" so why should we be forced to feel like we are failing at life,work,parenting if we aren't doing things the way tv/social media are telling us.


And it seems communication which is the most powerful tool is becoming less and less because people are scared to share or ask for help or ever tell others of achievements they have had.


Anyway enough from me i want to hear from you all the Mums of the world. However if your not a mum and you feel you have something to add feel free.



Leisha Clarkson





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